Health Care 2015

Health Care in the year 2015 will continue to evolve from the present day smorgasbord of health plans, cost containment, managed care, denial of care, etc.Obama Care while seeking to control costs has actually passed the cost of discounted insurance onto the US taxpayer. Eventually it will be the American public that demands a change. This change will come about because their very health care needs are not being met.

It wasn't always this way. Back in the mid 90's Doctors treated each patient as an individual, the patient had freedom of choice regarding their physician, and Doctors were paid by procedure for their services.

This "oxymoron" of managing and caring will be exposed of what it is - a means of limiting care and denying the covenantal nature of the physician patient relationship. The managed care plan to control costs will reach into "end of life issues." Attempts to define futility and therefore deny care to the elderly baby boom generation will  continue to dominate headlines. Physician assisted suicide will make some inroads into state law.

The resulting public outcry will demand legislative change.  . 

Physicians will eventually lead the return to sound Christian Medical Ethics with the preservation of the beginning of life, the end of life, and a new health care delivery system that emphasizes personal responsibility, freedom of choice, the covenantal nature of the Physician-Patient Relationship and quality. The return to personal responsibility will manage costs better than "managed care." Options include HSA's and Defined Contribution Plans.