Principles and Priorities of the Office of McCain Orthopaedic Center


 1.   The family is a high priority in our plan thus the employee will have regular hours.  We will make every effort to begin and end the work day on time, to      allow adequate time off from work, and to provide adequate compensation for  the work performed.  Health insurance, short term disability and other benefits are available.

 2.   We will endeavor to treat each individual patient with respect, love,  encouragement,  competency , and compassion.

3.    We will endeavor to treat each of our work associates with respect, love,  encouragement, and accountability.

4.      Physicians  , and the entire staff  will adhere to the standards of ethics formulated  by the American Academy   of Orthopaedic Surgeons, and the American Medical Association, as well as the Christian Medical Dental Association

5.       We will endeavor to treat all patients without regard of their ability to pay.We will endeavor to use only reasonable and prudent measures to obtain             compensation for our services.

6.      We pledge in so far as we are able to promote the spiritual  , mental, emotional,  and physical health of our patients.

7.     We pledge   to maintain the following priorities:   First, God  our spouse, then our children, then our expanded family, then   our work.