NuCel is a zero age amniotic suspension allograft, containing a rich supply of regenerative, angiogenic, anti-inflammatory, and osteogenic growth factors. NuCel is cryopreserved to maintain tissue integrity and is comprised of amniotic fluid cells and micronized amniotic membrane.  A triad of extracellular matrix scaffold particles, amniotic fluid cells, and a rich supply of cytokines and growth factors position NuCel as a premier allograft suspension.


The tissues in NuCel are collected from fully consented mothers undergoing scheduled caesarean births of full term healthy babies. Donors are tested for relevant communicable diseases by a FDA registered laboratory and Organogenesis Inc. only releases tissue for transplantation that has negative or non-reactive results for infectious diseases.  After screening, the amniotic tissue is aseptically processed in a controlled, clean environment following strict technical quality assurance standards.


As patients age, their native bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell population declines significantly. Unlike products containing cadaveric cells and or bone marrow cells, NuCel contains amniotic fluid cells that are consistently zero-age.